Collegiate programs in CELTECH broaden the knowledge of the students in the field of Business Administration, Customs Administration, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Travel Management, Information Technology and Education.

The Business and Management programs focus on building and strengthening the student's management, entrepreneurship skills, thus preparing them to face real-world challenges in the global business environment and tourism industry. The students can also gain strong foundations and exposure to business and management which are essential for establishing careers in the corporate world, or in setting up and running their own business ventures.

With the Information Technology Education at CELTECH, the students will develop analytical and in-demand skills in software design, systems development, web application, graphics and multimedia system. They can also train how to manage and maintain data communication and networks and computer systems. Being a graduate of CELTECH, student can get a higher  employability by top companies here and abroad.

The Education programs prepare future educator for the teaching profession in the elementary and high school levels. The program integrate learning on how to improve the quality of the educational system in the country and ensure efficiency and preparedness of students for tertiary and/or post-secondary educational opportunities. Teaching skills delivery will be enriched through various understanding of teaching strategies and methodologies, classroom management, research and instruction.

BS Criminology
BS Information Technology (Ladderized Program)
BS Tourism
Associate in Computer Technology
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management (Ladderized Program w/the following Competencies)

  • Housekeeping NC II

  • Bartending NC II

  • Food Beverage Services NC II

  • Commercial Cooking NC II

  • Baking/Pastry Production NC II

BS Customs Administration
BS Business Administration
BS Hospitality Management
Bachelor in Elementary Education (Generalist)
Bachelor of Arts in English Language
Bachelor in Secondary Education (Major in English & Math)


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